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SaiyanZ Universe
DragonBall Z Palace

"Super Saiyajin" is a legend passed down among the Saiyajin, of a genius fighter among the Saiyajin, who comes along only once in every thousand years.  It is said that the Super Saiyajin is cruel and  powerful; so powerful, in fact, that there can be no one stronger in  the universe. (Note: I spell Saiyajin to Saiyan because it looks

Qualifications for a Super Saiyajin:
After a Saiyajin becomes a Super Saiyajin, he becomes aware ofhow he reached such a state of being, and so this is how we know the qualifications of a Super Saiyajin...

First...Must be at least partly Saiyajin (at least 1/2 Saiyajin).
Second...Must possess at least enough power to potentially surpass the  limits of a common Saiyajin.
Third...Must be pure/have a pure heart.
Fourth...Extreme rage triggers the realization of being a Super Saiyajin.
Finally...After the first transformation into a Super Saiyajin, the trans-formation becomes relatively easier each additional time.